Jun 272008

In openSUSE 11.0, the network setup is by default controller by “NetworkManager” and this is different from the traditional netcontrol. With NetworkManager, users control the Network Interfaces. To confirm this, in GNOME from Computer – Yast – Network Devices – Network Settings, check for option “User Controlled with Network Manager” under Network Setup Method. Or, check for the line ‘NETWORKMANAGER=”yes”‘ in /etc/sysconfig/network/config file.

This may not be a viable option to use on SUSE enterprise Desktop as in a enterprise environment you wouldn’t want the user to modify or control network settings.

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Feb 212008

ICMP Redirects are used to update hosts of optimal alternate routes to a destination. These are updates normally sent by routing devices when the router becomes aware of an alternate route to reach a destination than the current one. This method is not very efficient and can cause security concerns.

However, this can be fixed at run time (dynamically) without having to reboot the PC or server running Suse Linux or OpenSuse operating system or at boot time (system startup).

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