Aug 032008

After days of releasing KDE4.1, the 1-click nothing but problems with dependency issues and are now seem to be fixed. The 1-click installer for KDE4.1 works perfectly OK with openSUSE 11.0.

To install KDE 4.1 on your openSUSE 11.0,

Click this 1-click install for KDE 4.1 install for KDE4.1 on openSUSE 11.1. This should download the ymp file and start it automatically with YaST package manager.

KDE 4.1 install welcome screen

Click Next on the KDE4.1 installation welcome window.

KDE 4.1 installation summary

KDE 4.1 installation in progress

Click Next on the summary window which informs of the repository that will be downloaded and the software that will be downloaded and installed. This will start downloading the relevant dependencies and the packages itself ann install them on your openSUSE 11.0. YaST will add the Factory repository for KDE. This is just fine as it is a part of the openSUSE 11.1 build. All the new download CDs and DVDs are now updated with the KDE4.1 desktop environment package.

KDE 4.1 installation complete

Once the installation is successful, click Finish in the installation summary window. Restart your computer or simply logoff and login from your Desktop for the KDE4.1 desktop to take effct and you can straight away see the changes on the desktop icons and more. A small test drive set of screenshots can be seen down here

KDE 4.1 desktop

KDE 4.1 icon

KDe 4.1 icon right-click menu