Sep 102008

Googles new free opensource browser Google Chrome took the world of Internet by surprise when it was released a few days ago. Google Chrome is currently in Beta as was many other Googles web application like GMail for a quite long time and is released only for Windows. A linux version of Google Chrome is expected sooner but anyone who can’t keep the excitement under control can get their hands on Google Chrome by installing with Win on your openSUSE. Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X, OpenGL, and Unix. Wine as a compatibility layer for running Windows programs. Wine does not require Microsoft Windows, as it is a completely free alternative implementation of the Windows API consisting of 100% non-Microsoft code, however Wine can optionally use native Windows DLLs if they are available.

Install Wine

Installing Google Chrome in openSUSE or in any Linux required WINE to be installed before we can get the Executable for Google Chrome (Windows). To install Wine on your openSUSE, click one of the following 1-click installer (YaST MetaPackages) based on your openSUSE version. This will automatically download the YMP file for Wine and launch YaST Package Manager.

openSUSE 11.0
1-click install for WINE

openSUSE 10.3

1-click install for WINE

openSUSE 10.2

1-click install for WINE

NOTE: Click here to enable 1-click install feature in openSUSE 10.2

Click Next on the repositories window and Next again on the Wine package selection window and finally Next on the Install proposal window. This should add repositories, download and install wine and required dependencies. Click Finish when successfully installed.

Wine repositories Wine package selection

Wine install proposal install success

Once installed, Wine is installed under “/usr/bin/wine

opensuse11:~ # which wine

The network installer availabe from is not the one that will help. Instead download the full installer for Google Chrome from here

You can download from a terminal window as follows:

opensuse11:~ # wget

Install Google Chrome as follows

opensuse11:~ # wine chrome_installer.exe

Once installed, google Chrome tries to import settings bookmarks etc from Internet Explorer. This doesn’t do in Linux so simply click “Start Google Chrome”. This starts Google Chrome browser for the first time. This will crash. Don’t panic!!!

Start Google Chrome Google Chrome crashes first time

Simply close and start Google Chrome from terminal as follows
opensuse11:~ # wine ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/$USER/Local\ Settings/Application\ Data/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe –new-http —process-plugins &

Google Chrome in Action
This should work. You may add a shortcut on your Desktop to start like any other browser or program. While, you cannot expect a fully featured Google Chrome as in Windows, most of the features like most visited websites, incognito (browse with privacy) should all work without much of a problem.

Following are some of the screenshots from Google in Action on you openSUSE.
Google Chrome options Google Chrome settings

Settings window incognito
For more feature information, click here