Jul 312008

Opera is one of the free Internet Browsers that has those colorful features and superior functionalties. The newer opera 9.5 is quicker to start faster at loading Web pages and better at running your favorite Web applications.

The newer features include

Quick Find
Opera link
More than 2x faster than Opera 9.2 in rendering JavaScript and HTML
Faster handling of third party plug-ins
Much faster start up time
Superior support for Web standards

To install Opera 9.5 browser in your openSUSE,

From KMenu – COmputer, click “Install Software”. Enter the Administrator (root) password when prompted.

Set the filter to “Search” and search for “opera”

Tick the checkbox for “opera” and click Accept. This should download and install Opera Internet browser for you.

Opera Install from Yast

To simply install from the command line,

opensuse11:~ # yast2 -i opera

This should launch YaST Package Manager and install the opera browser for you.

Once installed, Opera Browser can be found under

KMenu – Applications – Internet – Web Browser

Opera in KMenu

Click Opera to start Opera browser. First time when launched will prompt to accept the License Terms and thereon its all yours.

Opera License Terms

Opera home page

For settings, click Tools and then Preferences. You can create/set email, chat acccounts, search engines and more.

opera options