May 212009

Most of the organisations, if not all have a proxy server or an appliance that performs content filtering to block contents from the internet which could be anything from pornography to gambling or hacking systems to terrorism aiding content. These gives a fine control of what comes into the organisation and what the employees have access to.

Now, what is it for normal home users with a PC or a laptop. Well, if you are a Firefox browser user then you got lucky with the “ProCon Latte” Add-on for Firefox. ProCon Latte is a Content filter for Firefox which can control the contents that is inappropriate for viewing on your PC.

One would wonder at the level of customization that ProCon Latte offers that can almost stand up against those enterprise class appliances.

You can add a whitelist which is a list of websites that you consider are safe and/or required to visited from your PC.

procon-latte1 procon-latte5

You can enable Profanity Filter with offensive words replaced with a custom set of characters like “***”


The Main filter allows you to set the words to look for on any website address or in its content and block access to this site completely. You can also add a custom message to display when people visit these websites.

procon-latte3 procon-latte2

While you would argue that all these settings can be overiden. Yes, thats true but not so easy when you set a password to edit or change the settings. Now you are in control.


Apart from all these, you can actually save bandwidth by not downloading these contents but also make your websites load faster. A classic example would be to block AD delivery websites to the filter and you would see how faster your websites can load without these advertisements.

Click here to visit the addon page and install on your Firefox browser.