Jun 062009

Another set of Firefox Addons/Extensions that are cool and goes that extra mile to enhances user experience on the internet. The Firefox add-ons Nuke Anything Enhanced and Remove It Permanently! allows you to remove selected contents and objects from a visiting website temporarily or permanently. This includes Flash objects, advertisements or even simple text contents.

Nuke Anything Enhanced

Nuke Anything can make selected contents from the website disappear temporarily leaving only the contents you want to see, read or watch. It perfectly works the othe way as well wherein it can let you remove all the contents from a website except the select parts or objects. This is ideally useful when you focus on specific contents on a website or even when printing where you print only what you want.

na1 na2

Because, it is only temporary, a simple page refresh (F5) will bring back the contents on the webpage.

Click firefox2 to add “Nuke Anything Enhanced” to your Firefox browser.

Remove It Permanently (RIP)

Remove It Permanently on the other hand is an enhanced addon where it can actually make the selected contents disappear permanently. This means when you next visit the page somedays later, the removed contents will not be ever shown again. Remove It Permanently remembers these objects and hence you never have to bother again. RIP can also block Googl Ads specifically.

rip1 rip2
RIP allows import/export of the websites and the removed contents information so can be backed up and used elsewhere.

Click firefox2here to add “Remove It Permanently” to your Firefox browser.