Jan 262008

RealPlayer 10 for Linux is based on the open source Helix player. The Helix Community is an open collaborative effort among multimedia enthusiasts to develop and extend the Helix DNA platform. The community offers a collaborative, consensus based development process, with an extensive and diverse ecosystem of developers all involved in creating world class multimedia enabled applications. The Helix Community was created in July of 2002 by Real to help the industry standardize on an open digital media platform. 

Installing and using Real Player 10.0.9 Gold in OpenSuse is fairly Straight forward.

Download Real Player 10.0.9 Gold (latest stable) for Linux from here

The installer is a “.bin” file.

Once downloaded, “su” to root and change the permissions of the file:

SAIBABA:/home/susegeek/Desktop # chmod 755 realplay-

Now, the file has executable permissions. Run the installer as root

SAIBABA:/home/susegeek/Desktop # ./realplay-

Extracting files for RealPlayer installation……………………

Welcome to the RealPlayer ( Setup for UNIX
Setup will help you get RealPlayer running on your computer.
Press [Enter] to continue…

Enter the complete path to the directory where you want
RealPlayer to be installed. You must specify the full
pathname of the directory and have write privileges to
the chosen directory.
Directory: [/home/susegeek/Desktop/RealPlayer]: /opt/RealPlayer

I here entered the installation path to be /opt/RealPlayer. This completes the installation and puts a shortcut on the Menu (Kmenu here!)

RealPlayer in KMenu

Now, start RealPlayer 10 for the first time and click “Forward”

RealPlayer Welcome Wizard

Go through the Release notes if you felt like 😉 and Click “Forwad”

RealPlayer Release Notes

Go through the License details and click “Accept”

RealPlayer License

Select “Check for Updates” & “Configure Mozilla Helpers” checkboxes in the next window and click “OK”

RealPlayer Final Step

RealPlayer player screen

Thats it!!! Real Player is now ready for you to enjoy all your music.!!!