Sep 042008

OpenDJMix as the name implies is a free opensource virtual DJ system which allows you to mix MP3 files and audio CD tracks. It consists of a C++ API that manages a virtual sound bus with its I/O and a Qt GUI that enables a user to mix 4 MP3 or audio CD tracks. The API has been designed to be used in all multitrack sound tools.

OpenDJMix is still in Beta and looks very promising. OpenDJMix has 4 turn tables and can support the Scratch , Drill and DJ Rewind features on each tables.

Install OpenDJMix

To install OpenDJMix click this 1-click installer from Packman which supports openSUSE 11.0 & openSUSE 10.3 (i558 & x86_64). This will download the YaST Metapackage file (YMP) and launch with YaST package Manager. Click Next in the welcome screen on the install window, click Next again on the Summary screen showing the repositories and the package selection. This will start the installation and add the repositories and install OpenDJMix and required dependencies on your openSUSE.

Install welcome screen install summary

Successful installation

This installs OpenDJMix under Applications as OpenDJMix. Click OpenDJMix to launch the program.

OpenDJMix in action

To explore and select files, click Explorer in the bottom frame and select the folder where the music files exist. This will list the list of music files. Right-click the file and select the table on which to load the music file.

Select files

Master Volume Control, Master FX, Synchronizer etc can be controlled from the top frame.

Synchronizer Video output

Video output

To play and set effects like the DJRewind Drill etc, click the Table and set accordingly.

Turn Table

To visit the project home page, click here