Oct 292008

If you ever have a .BIN or a .CUE CD image created by a non-unix CD Burning software which is not supported on most CD Burning software then “bchunk” can help you to convert these .BIN or .CUE files into a standard ISO image or a .CDR image file which can then be mounted or edited or burned with a CD Burning software that supports ISO or .CDR images.

A .BIN file is a raw CD image file while .CUE is the track index file containing track types and offsets.

Install BCHUNK

Click this bchunk 1-click install 1-click installer for bchunk from Packman to download the YaST MetaPackage file (YMP) and launch with YaST Package Manager. This 1-click installer supports openSUSE 11.0/10.3/10.2 & openSUSE 11.1 Beta

NOTE: Click here to enable 1-click install in openSUSE 10.2

bchunk description bchunk installation proposal

successful installation of bchunk

click Next on the window showing the bchunk application description and the Next on the installation proposal window. This should start adding the required dependencies and bchunk package itself. Click Finish when the installation successfully completes.

This should install bchunk at /usr/bin/

opensuse11:~ # which bchunk

To simply convert a CUE or a BIN file, simply run bchunk with the source and destination files as follows:

For instance,
opensuse11:~ # bchunk image.bin image.iso


opensuse11:~ # bchunk image.cue image.cdr
Some of the options include making bchunk to write audio files into WAV format, set RAW mode for VCD/MPEG output. To find options simply run bchunk with no arguements or the nice man file included with the package.

opensuse11:~ # bchunk
binchunker for Unix, version 1.2.0 by Heikki Hannikainen <hessu@hes.iki.fi>
Created with the kind help of Bob Marietta <marietrg@SLU.EDU>,
partly based on his Pascal (Delphi) implementation.
Support for MODE2/2352 ISO tracks thanks to input from
Godmar Back <gback@cs.utah.edu>, Colas Nahaboo <Colas@Nahaboo.com>
and Matthew Green <mrg@eterna.com.au>.
Released under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later (at your option).

Usage: bchunk [-v] [-r] [-p (PSX)] [-w (wav)] [-s (swabaudio)]
<image.bin> <image.cue> <basename>
Example: bchunk foo.bin foo.cue foo
-v  Verbose mode
-r  Raw mode for MODE2/2352: write all 2352 bytes from offset 0 (VCD/MPEG)
-p  PSX mode for MODE2/2352: write 2336 bytes from offset 24
(default MODE2/2352 mode writes 2048 bytes from offset 24)
-w  Output audio files in WAV format
-s  swabaudio: swap byte order in audio tracks

Click here to visit the project homepage.