Jun 162009

ffmpegthumbnailer, as the name suggests, is a free opensource command line utility licensed under (GPL v2) to create thumbnails in JPG or PNG format for your video files of formats that are supported by ffmpeg. The thumbnailer uses ffmpeg to decode frames from the video files, so supported videoformats depend on the configuration flags of ffmpeg.

Install ffmpegthumbnailer in openSUSE

Click this oneclick1-click installer hosted by packman to install ffmpegthumbnailer on openSUSE 11.1/11.0/10.3

This should download the YMP file and automatically launch the YaST package manager to add the required Repositories, download and install ffmpegthumbnailer and the  dependencies. Click next on the ffmpegthumbnailer installation screen and Next again on the installation proposal window. This should start adding the required repositories, download and install ffmpegthumbnailer and its required dependencies. Click Finish when the installation completes successfully.

This should install ffmpegthumbnailer under /usr/bin/

opensuse11:~ # which ffmpegthumbnailer

For simpler usage, we should run ffmpegthumbnailer with the input video file and the output image file (PNG or JPG)

opensuse11:~ # ffmpegthumbnailer -i CIMG1595.MOV -o test.jpg

You can improve or degrade the quality with “-q” on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best (default is 8)

opensuse11:~ # ffmpegthumbnailer -q 10 -i CIMG1595.MOV -o test.jpg

You can also change the time to seek (-t option), size of the thumbnail (-s option, default is 128px), aspect ratio (-a)

For a list of all options,

opensuse11:~ # ffmpegthumbnailer -h
Usage: ffmpegthumbnailer [options]

-i<s>   : input file
-o<s>   : output file
-s<n>   : thumbnail size (default: 128)
-t<n|s> : time to seek to (percentage or absolute time hh:mm:ss) (default: 10%)
-q<n>   : image quality (0 = bad, 10 = best) (default: 8)
-a      : ignore aspect ratio and generate square thumbnail
-f      : create a movie strip overlay
-w      : workaround issues in old versions of ffmpeg
-v      : print version number
-h      : display this help

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