Aug 262008

Exaile is a music player aiming to be similar to KDE’s Amarok, but for GTK+ and written in Python. It incorporates many of the cool things from Amarok (and other media players) like automatic fetching of album art, handling of large libraries, lyrics fetching, artist/album information via Wikipedia, submission support, and optional iPod support via a plugin. In addition, Exaile also includes a built-in SHOUTcast directory browser, tabbed playlists (so you can have more than one playlist open at a time), blacklisting of tracks (so they don’t get scanned into your library), downloading of guitar tablature from, and submitting played tracks on your iPod to

Install Exaile
To install Exaile, click this 1-click install for Exailefor Exaile Music player from Packman. This will download the YaST Meta Package file (YMP file) and lauch it with the YaST Package Manager.
Exaile Music Player description Exaile install summary

Exaile install success
Click Next on the package selection window showing “Exaile Music Player” and description and click next again in the window showing summary of repositories and package selection. This will add the required repositories and download and install Exaile Music Player as well as the required dependencies. Once installed, click Finish.

This will add Exaile Music Player under “Applications – Multimedia” as “Music Player
Exaile music player in menu
Click  Music Player to launch Exaile. This will prompt you for the first time to add a directory to search for Musci Libraries. Once, the directory is added, it will launch the Exaile music player. Under Collection, click refresh button to reflect the newly added library.
Exails first startup Select directory for library
The tabs in the left side can be used to quickly navigate between your Radio setups, Playlists, Files and collections. The tabs in the middle of the window allows multiple tabs opened with different playlists. This is a great advantage and a very simple user interface.

Exaile Music Player directory Exaile Playlist

You can edit the preferences or add/remove plugins for Exaile Music player from Edit menu.

Exaile preference Exaile plugins

If you want to enable and use equaliser or randomise playlist or even rescan your collections. Do it from the tools menu.

Exaile Equaliser

Exaile is a simple but very efficient Music Player for your openSUSE. Click here to visit the homepage for Exaile music player.