Nov 012008

Adobe Flashplayer 10 is out now and is available for Linux x86 platforms (64 bit support is not officially available yet).

Features and enhancements include

Creative Expression

Custom Filters and Effects
3D Effects
New Text Engine
Text Layout Components
Drawing API Enhancements
Color Management

Visual Performance Improvements

GPU Compositing
GPU Blitting
Anti-Aliasing Engine (Saffron 3.1)
Vector Data Type

Rich Media

Enhanced Sound APIs
Dynamic Streaming
RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol)
Speex Audio Codec

Other Enhancements

NSS for Linux
Video4Linux v2 Support
Limited Fullscreen Keyboard Access
File Reference
Dynamic Sound Generation
Large Bitmap Support
Context Menu
GB18030 Compliance

For more details, click here to view the release notes for Adobe Flash Player 10

Install Adobe Flash Player 10

The procedure here should work on all openSUSE versions and definitely on openSUSE 10.3/11.0/11.1 beta. To install Adobe Flashplayer 10, it is important that you uninstall any previous versions of flashplayer installed on your openSUSE.

To check if flashplayer is already installed on your system

saibaba@opensuse:~> rpm -qa | grep flash

If any is uninstall as a root user as follows:

opensuse11:~ # rpm -e flash-player

Now, download Adobe Flash Player 10 from here.

Ensure you choose to download the “tar.gz” version. The reason for this being that the installer should be run as the user. In other words, do not run the installer as Root.

Unzip & Untar Flashplayer 10

Once downloaded, unzip, untar the downloaded file.

saibaba@opensuse:~>  tar -zxvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz

Install Adobe Flash Player 10

Close any browser opened and change directory to the extracted folder and run the installer. Press ENTER when prompted to continue the installation. Enter the default installation directory to be the .mozilla directory in your user profile (for example, /home/sai/.mozilla). This should be choosen by default. If so, accept defaults.

saibaba@opensuse:~>  cd install_flash_player_10_linux

saibaba@opensuse:~/install_flash_player_10_linux> ./flashplayer-installer

Copyright(C) 2002-2006 Adobe Macromedia Software LLC.  All rights reserved.

Adobe Flash Player 10 for Linux

Adobe Flash Player 10 will be installed on this machine.

You are running the Adobe Flash Player installer as a non-root user.
Adobe Flash Player 10 will be installed in your home directory.

Support is available at

To install Adobe Flash Player 10 now, press ENTER.

To cancel the installation at any time, press Control-C.

NOTE: Please exit any browsers you may have running.

Press ENTER to continue…

———– Install Action Summary ———–

Adobe Flash Player 10 will be installed in the following directory:

Mozilla installation directory  = /home/saibaba/.mozilla

Proceed with the installation? (y/n/q): y

NOTE: Please ask your administrator to remove the xpti.dat from the
components directory of the Mozilla or Netscape browser.

Installation complete.

Perform another installation? (y/n): n

This should install Adobe Flash Player in your openSUSE.

To confirm successful installation launch your Firefox browser and in the address bar type “about:plugins” and press enter. This show the installed plugins of which one should be your newly installed Adobe Flashplayer 10. Even more a big evidence would be to open a flash video website like and you should be able to view the videos.

Flhas player plugin in Firefox Videos on youtube