Aug 202008

SMILE, Slideshow Maker In Linux Environnement is a free opensource slideshow creating tool for GNU/Linux, although it also works on Mac OS/X. SMILE helps to create video slideshows from images, that can be played on almost all medias. The numerous features and the simplicity of use make it possible to create dynamic and rich slideshows in just a few clicks, without having to worry about technical issues or complicated settings.

SMILE is a simple and easy to use interface to create Video slideshows in minutes. The slideshow can be created using Image and video files and supports the final output video rendering in XVID,MPEG2,Flash Video and DV formats. You can add draw on top of your slide as well as you can add effects like transition, background images, image rotate, opacity etc.

Install SMILE
To install SMILE in openSUSE 11.0, click 1-click install for SMILE. This will download the 1-click Yast Metapackage install file for SMILE from Packman and open with YaST Package Manager. Click Next in package summary for SMILE. Click next again in the summary page showing the packages and the repositories that will be added. This should start adding the required repository and the download and install the required dependencies for SMILE. Click finish when the installation completes.

SMILE install welcome SMILE install summary

SMILE install successful

SMILE is now installed under  menu Applications РMultimedia РMedia Editing menu

When you start SMILE for the first time, it will prompt you to select the default folder to save the Slideshow projects. Select the folder and click OK.

SMILE starts 1st time

Now, for a quick start, click Edit – Add new slides (or simply click the icon for it on the toolbar), select the directory from where you want to import the images and then select images that you want to select and then right-click and select “Import Selected images”. You may also choose to select videos to be included into the slide show.

SMILE location for projects SMILE selcet images

In the left toolbar, click the green flag and select the starting point of the slide and click the redflag to select the end of the slide.

SMILE options SMILE free draw support

Now, select each of the image and add any effects (rightbar) as you wish. You may also click the free draw button in the bottom of the left bar and add any drawings on top of the selected slides.

FInally, click Rendering – Rendering slideshow, then enter the name for the output video slideshow, the video type, quality etc and click OK. This should create the slideshow for you in the default directory.

SMILE Rendering options

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