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TV-Browser is a simple Digital TV Guide that supports more than 500 TV channels and 80 Radio stations. TV-Browser collects TV program information from different sources on the internet and presents it neatly as a Digital TV Guide with pictures where there possible (if there are no copyright issues).TV-Browser is a free opensource software licensed under GPL that can run on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, MacOS & OS/2 as it is Java based and requires only the SUN Java runtime environment to work properly.

TV-Browser supports plugins to provide enhanced features and allows change look and feel of the software by providing various skins and icons. These can be and mostly are user contributed.

Install TV-Browser in openSUSE

To install TV-Browser, click this 1-click installer from Packman supported on openSUSE 11.1/11.0/10.3


This should download the YMP file and automatically launch the YaST package manager to add the required Repositories and download and install TV-Browser and the  dependencies. Click next on the TV-Browser installation screen and Next again on the installation proposal window. This should start adding the required repositories, download and install TV-Browser and its required dependencies. Click Finish when the installation completes successfully.
This should install TV-Browser under “Applications – Multimedia – TV” as “TVBrowser – a TV guide“. When you launch TV-Browser for the first time, it will take you through a quick wizard to configure the TV-Guide for you. If you want to skip the wizard simply click “cancel” on the welcome screen of the wizard to launch the application, else click next.
Configure your Network settings. Here if you use proxy, select the proxy option and enter the details of the Proxy server & the port details, user authentication (if any) and click Next. This should then try to go onto internet and check connectivity and provide you with the results. Click Next.
tvbrowser3 tvbrowser4
Now, from the list of available channels, choose the ones you would want to see on the guide. You can customize quickly by filtering the channels by the country and further by texts on the channel name. Choose the channel(s) and click the green arrow select the channels and click Next. Select one of the options to show pictures on the TV guide for the channels and click next and finally click Finish to complete the wizard. This should take you straight to the TV-Browser home and you should see all your selected channels nicely presented. You can have quick views by clicking the time in the left or simply searching for text in programs from your favorite channels.
tvbrowser5 tvbrowser6

tvbrowser7 tvbrowser8
For extensive settings for your TV-Browser, click the TV-Browser menu and select settings. This includes install and configure plugins, change theme and icons. Plugins can however be managed from the Plugins menu.
Click here to visit the project homepage.