Jun 172009

WinFF is a simple GUI for ffmpeg, the command line video converter. WinFF will convert almost any video file that FFmpeg will convert. WinFF converts multiple files in multiple formats at one time. WinFF is free opensource software released under GPLv3 license and is supported in Linux and Windows. WinFF supports multiple languages like Brazillian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese Tradditional, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

Install WinFF in openSUSE

Click this oneclick1-click installer hosted by packman to install WinFF on openSUSE 11.1/11.0/10.3

This should download the YMP file and automatically launch the YaST package manager to add the required Repositories, download and install WinFF and the  dependencies. Click next on the WinFF installation screen and Next again on the installation proposal window. This should start adding the required repositories, download and install WinFF and its required dependencies. Click Finish when the installation completes successfully.

This should install WinFF under “Applications – Multimedia – Media Editing”.

winff1 winff2

As you can see it is quite a simple interface, not too many confusing menu options.

To edit the default settings, click Edit – Preferences. Also, to set the default conversion format click Preset from the Edit menu.

winff4 winff5


To convert the Video file, click Add and select the source file and choose the format to convert to and choose to play to preview the source video or click convert to start converting the video.

winff3 winff7

Also, you can choose run time options like show the command line while converting, shutdown after completion etc from the options menu·

Click here to visit the project home.