Sep 012008

PDFedit is a free opensource editor for PDF documents. Complete editing of PDF documents is possible with PDFedit. You can change raw pdf objects (for advanced users) or use many gui functions. Functionality can be easily extended using a scripting language (ECMAScript).

Features include,

Convert PDT to XML files

Insert pages from other PDF documents

Save pages as image files

Delinearize PDF files

Extract text from PDF files

Add text, Add text strikethrough & highlighting

Rotate pages, Edit page metrics

Draw lines and rectangles in the document

Add fonts to the page

Install PDFedit

To install PDFedit on your openSUSE, click one of the following 1-click installers for your openSUSE version. This will download the YaST Metapackage (YMP) file and start YaST Package Manager to add the required repositories and download and install PDFedit and related dependencies.

openSUSE 11.0

1-click install for PDFedit

openSUSE 10.3

1-click install for PDFedit

openSUSE 10.2

1-click install for PDFedit

NOTE: Click here to enable 1-click install feature in openSUSE 10.2

Click Next on the Welcome page showing the repositories to be added for PDFedit installation. Click Next in the summary page showing package selection and then Next again in the final summary window. Once the installation is complete, click Finish.

repository selection pdfedit package selection

package summary successful installation

This should install PDFedit under “Applications – Office – More Programs” as “PDF Editor edit .pdf files

PDFedit in menu

Click “PDF Editor” to launch PDFedit. Open a PDF file from the menu.

open PDFedit

Features like Page save as image, rotate page, edit Page metrics draw lines or rectangles, add text, add text highlighting & strike through from Page menu.

PDFedit page menu Extract text
From the tools menu, you can convert selected pages into XML

PDF to xml

To edit preferences, click Tools – Options

PDFedit options

To vist the project home, click here