Oct 142008

QFaxReader is a monochrome/color multipage .TIFF files visualisation utility designed for viewing faxes.

Features include

Handle multi page monochrome/color tiff/fax files
Correctly display fax images in any resolution
Printing fax files (multiple pages per sheet capability)
Image transformation (rotate left, rotate right, vertical flip)
Arbitrary zoom fax images (with fit height/width support)
Sidebar with easy navigation through directories
AutoRefresh + notification for new facsimiles
Aliases database for replacing faxes id’s with real name
Export in all formats that your QT has support for
Fullscreen mode
CID support

Install QFaxReader

Click this 1-click installer 1-click install for QFaxReader for QFaxReader from Packman to download the YaST MetaPackage file (YMP) and launch with YaST Package Manager. This 1-click installer supports openSUSE 11.0/10.3/10.2 & SuSE 10.1/10.0.

Click Next on the QFaxReader description window and Next on the installation proposal window. This should add the required repositories and install QFaxReader and relevant dependencies. Click Finish when the installation successfully completes.

NOTE: Click here to enable 1-click install in openSUSE 10.2
QFaxReader description Install proposal

Successful install

QFaxReader database at first launch

QFaxReader QFaxReader in action

Once installed, search for “qfaxreader” from the menu and launch QFaxReader. This is a failry simple and straight forward to use and print your Fax.

To visit the project homepage, click here