May 212009

Most of the organisations, if not all have a proxy server or an appliance that performs content filtering to block contents from the internet which could be anything from pornography to gambling or hacking systems to terrorism aiding content. These gives a fine control of what comes into the organisation and what the employees have access to.

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May 112009

Swiftweasel is an optimized build of the Mozilla Firefox web browser for Linux. Seperate builds are available for both AMD and Intel processors. Swiftweasel is 100% compatible with all Firefox themes, plugins, and extensions.Release cycles are based on the release of Firefox versions by Mozilla.
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Dec 202008

Aria2 is a free opensource file download utility that supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent¬† (DHT, PEX, MSE/PE) and Metalink. aria2 can download a file from multiple sources/protocols and tries to utilize your maximum download bandwidth. It supports downloading a file from HTTP,HTTPS/FTP and BitTorrent at the same time. Using Metalink’s chunk checksums, aria2 automatically validates chunks of data while downloading a file like BitTorrent.
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Jun 232008

Azureus, now called Vuze is a hi-res BitTorrent client written in JAVA. The BitTorrent protocol is a new way of exchanging or distributing data over the internet. Downloading also means uploading, and the amounts of each are linked, to ensure fairness and rapidity in the spread of the file at hand.

Azureus/Vuze allows you to

Search for torrents beyond Vuze straight from the client

Discover high quality, maverick content on the Vuze network

Download quickly and efficiently with intelligent bandwidth, queue and speed management

Download and stream high-quality content from the Vuze Network

Easily share torrents with Vuze “Friends” feature

Share bandwidth with “Friends” to get a “Friend Boost” and download faster

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