Jun 152010

Google Chrome is the new cool faster browser that has been around and making news for a while but only on Windows until recently they finally released the Linux version of the browser. With google chrome browser slowly gaining traction and acceptance among general internet users, the browser has also evolved from being a simple raw fast browser with features like themes and extensions that made Firefox so very popular and more web app integration.

Jun 062009

Another set of Firefox Addons/Extensions that are cool and goes that extra mile to enhances user experience on the internet. The Firefox add-ons Nuke Anything Enhanced and Remove It Permanently! allows you to remove selected contents and objects from a visiting website temporarily or permanently. This includes Flash objects, advertisements or even simple text contents.

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May 262009

When you visit a Secure website in Firefox chances are that the FavIcon for the website is replaced with a Green bar with the details of the company. This is because of the default properties in Firefox to display detailed information of the website from the Extended Validation Certificate on the website. However, if the website doesn’t host a Extended Validation certificate then the website URL (link) in the address bar is not highlighted or in otherwords shows as a normal website URL.

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May 222009

When you click on a XPI file (install button in Firefox addon page for an extension) to install to install a Firefox extension, you would see a counter counting down from 3 to 0 before letting you to install. This is one of the most annoying settings in Firefox that I have ever come across.

This was delibrately done to avoid known security issues explained in detail here.

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May 212009

Most of the organisations, if not all have a proxy server or an appliance that performs content filtering to block contents from the internet which could be anything from pornography to gambling or hacking systems to terrorism aiding content. These gives a fine control of what comes into the organisation and what the employees have access to.

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