Dec 222008

KCheckGMail, as the name implies is a simple utility for KDE desktop which sits in the systray and notifies of any new email on your GMail email account. KCheckGMail works OK on KDE 4.x desktops and is tested on KDE 3.5.

KCheckGMail works on openSUSE 11.1, openSUSE 11.0 and openSUSE 10.3.

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Jul 312008

Epiphany is the free opensource web browser for the GNOME desktop. Its goal is to be simple and easy to use. Epiphany ties together many GNOME components in order to let you focus on the Web content, instead of the browser application. Epiphany displays webpages with the same speed and accuracy as other popular browsers, such as Safari or Firefox. In addition, it provides an elegant, responsive and uncomplicated user interface that fits in perfectly with GNOME, and it has been translated to over sixty languages!

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