Jun 232009

Clive is a command line utility for extracting videos from Youtube and other video sharing Web sites. Click here to see how to install and configure in openSUSE.

There is also a cutdown version of Clive, CClive which has a smaller footprint and fewer dependencies. The feature stripped off Clive to create CClive are paste, background, emit-xml, progress type and Cache.

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Jun 222009

Back In Time is a simple free backup tool for Linux. The backup is done by taking snapshots of a specified set of directories. “Back In Time” in real terms is a nice GUI that holds and stears the most common unix/linux commands to performs backups for you. “Back In Time” has got a nice GUI which works well both for GNOME & KDE (KDE4 and higher)

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Jun 212009

Nagios is a free opensource enterprise-class monitoring system released under GPL License. It allows you to gain insight into your network and fix problems before customers know they even exist. It’s stable, scalable, supported, and extensible. Nagios is Stable, Reliable, and Respected Platform with 10 years in development scaling to 100,000+ nodes. From my personal view, Nagios is one of the best if not the best monitoring system and being opensource makes it that extra special. Nagios is simple and at the same time very flexible made possible by the plugin architecture and most importantly as the author puts it, it just works.

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