Jun 152010

Google Chrome is the new cool faster browser that has been around and making news for a while but only on Windows until recently they finally released the Linux version of the browser. With google chrome browser slowly gaining traction and acceptance among general internet users, the browser has also evolved from being a simple raw fast browser with features like themes and extensions that made Firefox so very popular and more web app integration.

Feb 042009

rpmorphan is a free opensource utility to find orphaned packages on your openSUSE installation. rpmorphan determines which packages on the system has no other package(s) depending on their installation, and lists these packages. rpmorphan intends to be a clon to the deborphan utility for Debian Linux. rpmorphan has a simple GUI interface to list the orphaned packages and to show the details of the packages and to delete them if you choose to. rpmorphan can also run from commandline as a normal user.
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Oct 042008

Xarchiver is a lightweight desktop independent archive manager built with the GTK+2 toolkit. Xarchiver has been designed from the ground up to be fast and easy-to-use. Its user interface is clean and intuitive, and does not include any confusing or useless options. Xarchiver includes support for 7-zip, arj, bzip2, gzip, rar, lha, deb, rpm (works without the RPM executable), tar and zip archives through the relevant command line tools. Password detection is automatic for arj, zip and rar files. Password encryption is available for these file types, as well as 7-zip. Xarchiver can also generate self-extracting binaries from zip and 7-zip archives. It supports drag and drop through the XDS protocol, and Firefox-like tabs.

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Jun 282008

MadWifi is one of the most advanced WLAN drivers available for Linux. With openSUSE 11.0 users of systems with Atheros wireless card are not able to install and use Madwifi drivers to set the Atheros Wireless Card.

madwifi 0.9.4-1-i586 may install OK but you may face the following error when trying to install madwif-kmp-pae 0.9.4_2.6.25_26-1-i586

“nothing provides kernel(vmlinux)=1f623d7fcfa1b112 needed by madwifi-kmp-pae 0.9.4_2.6.25_26-i586.”

To resolve this problem, simply rebuild the RPMs from the original source RPM packages.

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