Oct 222010

Default installs of openSUSE and SUSE Linux will not be able to send emails. The following simple configuration procedure should help you setup postfix to send emails. Infact, this should work on most of the Linux distros.
Mar 232010

As you may be aware, ‘AT’ allows you to run a command or script at a particular time (say at midnight) and ‘CRONTAB’ allows you to run commands and scripts at scheduled times and at regular intervals. If you have SuSE or an openSUSE system in a multi-user environment then it is important to control access to the crontab and at utility to ensure system availability and security. This is one of the many steps in the system hardening procedures.

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Aug 102009

Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes. Nagios is a powerful tool that provides you with instant awareness of your organization’s mission-critical IT infrastructure. Nagios allows you to detect and repair problems and mitigate future issues before they affect end-users and customers.

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Jun 032009

IPplan is a free opensource IP Address management application. IPPlan is a web based IP address management software and tracking tool simplifying the administration of your IP address space. IPplan goes beyond IP address management including DNS administration, configuration file management, circuit management and storing of hardware information. IPplan can handle a single network or cater for multiple networks and customers with overlapping address space. Makes managing ip addresses and managing ip address space simple and easy.
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