Apr 162009

BleachBit is a simple cool utility to delete unnecessary files on the systemt to free disk space. This includes application and browser cache, temporary fiiles and cookies. Among the many supported application files are Bash, Beagle, Epiphany, firefox, Adobe flash, java, KDE, openoffice,Opera, XChat, rpmbuild etc. While, DIsk space may not be an issue these days on most of the systems, it is always cool clear those items not required anymore on the system.

Install BleachBit

To install BleachBit in openSUSE, click this 1-click installer from Packman supported on openSUSE 11.1/11.0/10.3

This should download the YMP file and automatically launch the YaST package manager to add the required Repositories, download and install BleachBit and the  dependencies. Click next on the BleachBit installation screen and Next again on the installation proposal window. This should start adding the required repositories, download and install BleachBit and its required dependencies. Click Finish when the installation completes successfully.

This should install BleachBit under Applications – System – File System as “Unnecessary File Cleaner“. You can see here there are two menu items, one to run as a normal user (your user user account) and one as an Administrator to delete files which cannot be deleted by a normal user (requires Admin password though).
bleachbit1 bleachbit0
You can select the application for which you want to perform a clean up and then choose to preview the files before deleting files. As you can see there aren’t much of preferences or even menu items.

bleachbit3 bleachbit4

Simple and cool utility but effecient enough to do what it says on the tin. Click here to visit the project homepage.