Feb 152009

Tuxcards is a free opensource notebook for Linux inspired by CueCards for Windows. TuxCards is a hierarchical notebook ideally for those who got used to their post-its, pieces of paper with useful information and ideas or even use digital form of these and then loose plot of what they are making note of…

Features include

Notes can be composed using richtext elements.
No limits on the tree-depth, on the quantity of the items and on the size of the notes.
Automatically load your last datas at startup, including the tree in the leftpane
Drag & Drop of entries between completely different TuxCards applications
Entry History.
Create notes with an expiration date.
Encryption using MD5 and BlowFish with Auto encryption support
Customizable icons: All icons used within the gui may be exchanged.
Cactus-Support, expandable with own flower images.
Command line options (tuxcards -h)
Support of cygwin version as well of a statically linked binary

Install Tuxcards in openSUSE

To install Tuxcards in your openSUSE, click on the appropriate 1-click installers listed below based on your openSUSE version.

openSUSE 11.1


openSUSE 11.0
openSUSE 10.3


This should download the YMP file and launch YaST to start the installation. Click Next on the Additional Repositories window and Next on Software to be installed window and finally Next on the installation proposal window. Click Finish when the software install successfully completes.

tuxcards1 tuxcards2

tuxcards3 tuxcards4

This should install TuxCards under /usr/bin/.

saihari@linux-pa5r:~/Documents> which tuxcards

Launch Tuxcards, by simply typing TuxCards from a Terminal window as follows:

saihari@linux-pa5r:~/Documents> tuxcards &
[1] 8460

You can see the leftpane with the tree structure of your data tree organized hierarchically, the rightpane with the actual note you’ve made. You can create a new tree or add a new tree to an existin tree from the graphical toolbar or simply using a right-click.
tuxcards5 tuxcards7
The look and feel can be modified from the Options Menu and and extra options like inserting current date and time or performing a word count on the data can be performed from the Extras menu.
tuxcards6 tuxcards8
You can choose to export the notes to an HTML file as well. This is a very useful option.

Overall, a very simple and easy to use design focussed on usability. Click here to visit the project homepage.