ntop in openSUSE to probe & monitor Network Traffic


  1. ntop is a great tool, but NOT for long term use or forensics; say that you dump your data in a daily basis to a file *bin. Besides ntop reads from such file, it DOESNOT generate graphics from such file, say that ‘rdd not enabled’ (which is not true). Reading realtime shows adequate graphics for network trhougput.

    any hint/tip on HOW to get ntop building graphics from tcpdump.bin files?

  2. if i type #which ntop the result is same as you shown. but how to start ntop for the first time in a terminal… the problem is if type #cd /usr/bin/ntop the result is “no such directory”… how to start ntop in terminal for the first time?

  3. Hello, First of all, what a informative article! i am just doing a bit of research for my website but i had issues reading this article because the text sticking out in to the menu…. Edit: apologies, my fault, it is my outdated version of opera causing the fault. Might be worth asking people to update. Thanks. plumbob

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