May 162008

VMWare-Tools in VMWare Virtualization software enhances the mouse and display performances on the guest operating system. When openSUSE linux operating systen runs as a guest os, installing the VMWare Tools isn’t straight forward as it seems. However, it isn’t diffcult.

To install VMWare Tools for openSUSE guest OS, please try the following.

1. Get the guest openSUSE operating system up and running on VMWare.

2. Install the required utilities on the guest openSUSE operating system:

root@opensuse/# yast2 –install gcc gcc-c++ kernel-source make

This installs the GNU C & C++ compilers, kernel Source packages and the make utility

3. From the “VM” menu in VMWare, click “Install VMWare Tools”. This will mount a virtual CDROM media on the guest openSUSE system with a VMWare Tools installation RPM & a Tar/gzip file.

4. Right-click on the RPM and select “Open with Package Installer”, enter the root password and complete the installation.

VMWare Tools rpm

5. Once installed, run the VMWare-config-tools perl script as follows:

root@opensuse/# /usr/bin/

Answer the prompts and complete the configuration.

6. Reboot the guest OS (openSUSE)

root@opensuse/# reboot

This should successfully install VMWare Tools for the openSUSE guest operating system.