1. On the “About” page, I am thinking you ment “worl>>>D<<<! But perhaps there is wHorl about being anti momopolistic.

  2. I am having trouble updating to SuSE 11.0, (I got the disk from a linus magazene.) I’m trying to build a LAMP stack… so I can complete my O’Reilly tech classes easier… I live of line…except for batteries and satelite dish.

  3. Author

    Thanks for letting me know, I fixed it

  4. I have just come across you site. I have been a convert for about 4 years…….still learning. I’ve tried many distros. And openSUSE is now my choice. I can’t explain why but I really don’t like Debian systems. Only like RPM systems. Well SUSE has been my choice now for about 4 months. Starting with 11.1 it seems to drive my Antheros card out of the box. YEAH. And SUSE does have
    a good straightforward desktop, with many options. Kinda natural to me…………

    Well finding your site that specializing in SUSE has been a real boost in my confidance level. Now I can come to you instead of googling hundreds of sites for answers



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