Sep 102008

Elisa is an open source cross-platform media center connecting the Internet to an all-in-one media player. While primary development and deployment platform is GNU/Linux and Unix operating systems, elisa also currently support Microsoft Windows. Elisa runs on top of the GStreamer multimedia framework. In addition to personal video recorder functionality (PVR) and Music Jukebox support, Elisa will also interoperate with devices following the DLNA standard like Intel’s ViiV systems.

Features include

Watch pictures with previews and animated slideshows
Watch movies and video clips
Browse music collection by artists or albums covers
Browse internet radio and picture websites
Media Browsing using Cover flow, Grid view, List view, Drag-and-drop
Audio visualization during playback
Supports all media formats using Gstreamer multimedia framework, including H.264, MPEG 2, MPEG4, Quicktime, Windows Media, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora, Matroska. Commercially licensed plugins that work with GStreamer and Elisa are available from Fluendo.
Autodetection of media on your network that including Network Drives, Rhythmbox, iTunes, Windows Mediaplayer, iPods, cameras, USB hard drives
Flickr, Youtube, Shoutcast integration and basic browsing
Remote control and TouchScreen support
Samba & UPnP and DAAP shares
Automatic updates of plugins and core
Supports Themes

Install Elisa
To install elisa in openSUSE, click this elisa 1-click install 1-click installer from Packman which supports openSUSE 11.0/10.3/10.2. This will download the elisa YaSt Metapackage (YMP) file and launch YaST Package manager. Click next on the elisa install description window and click Next again on the proposal window showing the repositories and the package selection. Click Finish when it successfully completes the installation.

Elisa install description elisa proposal

elisa install successful

This installs “Elisa Media Center” under “Applications – Multimedia – Audio Player

elisa media center in menu elisa getting started

Click “Elisa Media Center” to start the media center. The interface is simple and easy to use and even more is full screen bringing your focus down to the media and media only.

elisa in action elisa video

elisa music elisa settings

elisa playing music

To visit the project homepage, click here