Jun 282008

Broadcom does not reveal the details about its chipset and doesn’t allow the distribution of their copyrighted firmware. To get the firmware installed, you need to download the appropriate Broadcom driver (which is for a MIPS-based Linux), extract the firmware from that driver, and put it in the correct directory.

Note: For chipset BCM4311Rev2 click here and for BCM4328 click here

To install and successfully use the Broadcom Wireless devices in openSUSE SUSE or infact any Linux, you can use the bcm43zz drivers from here

The bcm43xx drivers are based on reverse engineered specifications and are now included into the Linux Kernel from 2.6.17-rc2. This means the newset version of openSUSE 11.0 should have the driver already built-in with Linux Kernel

To install the drivers in openSUSE 11.0, switch user to root and the run the bcm driver installer as follows:

SAIBABA:~ # su –
SAIBABA:~ # /usr/sbin/install_bcm43xx_firmware

This should install the drivers for you.

Reboot your computer and should now be able to use the Broadcomm Wireless card.

SAIBABA:~ # reboot

This should work!!!