Jan 222009

PC Man File Manager is a simple elegant fast light weight and a very user-friendly File manager for Linux with tabbed browsing and support for file drag n drop between the tabs.

Features include

Extremly fast & lightweight

Tabbed browsing support

Built-in volume management (mount/umount/eject through HAL)

Built-in file searching utility (GUI frontend for the UNIX find + grep command)

Drag & Drop support with drag and drop between tabs

Load large directories in reasonable time

File association support (Default application)

Thumbnail for image files

Bookmarks support

Handles non-UTF-8 encoded filenames correctly

Provides icon view, compact view, and detailed list view

Standard compliant (Follows FreeDesktop.org)

Clean and user-friendly interface (GTK+ 2)

Install PC Man File Manager (pcmanfm)

pcmanfm required gamin to be installed as a pre-requisite. Install gamin as follows:

opensuse11:~ # yast2 -i gamin

Once the installation completes we can proceed to install pcmanfm.

To install PC Man File Manager, click this oneclick supported on openSUSE 11.1/11.0/10.3/10.2 from packman. This should download the YMP file and automatically launch the YaST package manager to add the required Repositories and download and install pcmanfm and the required dependencies. Click next on the pcmanfm installation screen and Next again on the installation proposal window. This should start adding the required repositories, download and install pcmanfm and its required dependencies. Click Finish when the installation completes successfully.

NOTE: Click here for a how to on enabling 1-click install in openSUSE 10.2

pcmanfm1 pcmanfm2

pcmanfm3 pcmanfm3a
This should install PC Man File Manager (pcmanfm) under Applications – System – File Manager as File Manager (PC Man File Manager). click File Manager to launch it for the first time.
pcmanfm4 pcmanfm5
To set default preferences including setting the terminal program (here I choose kconsole), click Edit – Preference.

pcmanfm7 pcmanfm6

View options can be changed between Thumbnail, list or Detailed list.

pcmanfm9 pcmanfm8

Click the + icon or File – New tab menu item to open another tab as you would in a browser like Firefox if you want to use mutiple tabs under pcmanfm.

Click here to visit the project homepage.