Back In Time – free backup tool in openSUSE


  1. Thanks for the above – only problem is that when I set this up, I must be missing something.

    On my OpenSuse 11.0 system, after setting up according to the instructions, I run a backup and everything seems to finish fine: folders are created but there doesn’t seem to be anything in them reflecting the source.

    As it happens, I have access to an Ubuntu 9.04 system as well, so I set up “Back In Time” on that as well and tried a similar operation. Not only do the folders get set up but they are populated correctly. I can restore files from them with no problem. Same version, 0.9.26.

    As far as I can tell, all is as it should be on SuSe. I am not a big Linux expert but I have been looking for a simple but reliable back-up tool so that I can make a good backup prior to upgrading Suse. It would be ironic if there’s something I need from that to make it BackInTime work properly in 11.0 !

    But if anybody has any clue what’s going on here, I’d be grateful to hear from you. Thanks.


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