AllTray – Dock applications without native tray icon to System Tray


  1. I use kdocker for this. It works the same.
    I hope to see an app that can remember the tray setting after restarting the app. now you have to manual start kdocker or alltray to do so.

  2. super useful….i remember many searched for a way to put thunderbird to systray while known plugin worked only for windows there was no linux solution. now it is. great work.

  3. I don’t recommend AllTray. It’s buggy and no longer maintained.

  4. Peope should try harder:

    Open your consoles, give a firm man alltray, read and think about the wonderful things you CAN do with this nice proggie… put a few simple lines in your /home/you/.kde/Autostart/alltray_yourdockablething-file or .xinitrc

    Thanks for this nice tool!

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