Avant Window Navigator (AWN) Mac OS like Dock in openSUSE


  1. Cairo dock is much better

  2. Um.. Composting? Composting??? I think you need to either disable or update your spell checker, but at least spend a little more time in the proof-reading stage.


  3. If missing, under “Section Extensions” add the line

    Option “Composite” “on”

    So it looks as follows:

    Section “Extensions”
    Option “Composite” “Enable”

    huh… is this some special feature of SuSe? :o)


  4. Author

    @John: I’ve fixed the typo!

    @Deep: Composite is enabled by default on openSUSE 11.0. These checks in /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is just to ensure you got the right settings in your X

  5. Why use something that will be allways behind on the Desktop?

  6. to: Admin
    hm… I have the feeling that You don’t get my point :o)
    when I add the line Option “Composite” “on” shall I really see Option “Composite” “Enable” in my config? Isn’t that a typo? I would expect to see Option “Composite” “on” not Option “Composite” “Enable”.


  7. Author

    sorry fixed it!!

  8. There is a problem here with OpenSuse 11

    I can’t find the “avant-window-manager” package in the packman repos and even in the first screenshot in your post, there is not such package and you have told to select the “avant-window-manager”

    Any idea?????


  9. Yo hice esto:

    Abrimos en Gnome:
    Equipo/Instalar/Software/Todos los repositorios/agregar o eliminar/añadir/Especificar URL…
    /(Marcar Descargar archivos de descripción del repositorio)/Siguiente…
    Introducimos la URL:
    Introducimos el nombre que sea/Finalizar

    Esperamos a que se actualize la base de datos
    Buscamos el paquete avant
    Elegimos el “app no se que”
    y el “doc no recuerdo”
    instalamos y listo

  10. To Admin:
    “You may have to stop your AWN dick and restart again.”

    Worse still, it comes up on your google search result.

  11. Author

    Fletch: Thanks I’ve updated the post!

  12. Why is it missing in SUSE 11.3 and how do I get it. I have managed to get both Ubuntu and Suse to share my /home directory. This way I have both on the same machine. but where compiz works great with ubuntu it does not at all in Suse 11.3 where AWN works great in ubuntu for some stupid reason it does not in Suse 11.3

    What is up with that eh?

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