Deluge – free opensource Torrent Client for openSUSE


  1. I am using deluge for a while already. For some reason on suse ktorrent is started when I click a torrent link. It quite annoying as I am not even on kde, but gnome. I use xdg-mime to set deluge as default. I also added it the some suse specific file under /etc. probably I have to remove ktorrent …

  2. I <3 Deluge!

    I am using Deluge 0.9.08, a pre-release of the coming 1.0. Deluge has done well for me so far, though I am picky about automation features. The newer updates include two things I have been really looking forward to.

    The first is labels, which is a way to categorize your torrents. I am just exploring this, but expect it will help me manage torrents from different trackers. This will really help with private sites where you must maintain your ratio. My understanding is that the plug-ins will be able to act conditionally upon labels if the authors wish to include the feature.

    Cool as that may be, the HUGE CHANGE that I have been DYING to test out is the deluged daemon. Get this: Deluge runs a daemon to handle the back-end engine, and the user interface is now separated out. You can run the GUI interface, or the HTML/Web interface, or any other that comes along. Perhaps a CLI/ncurses interface. But the super-duper-awesome feature (which I plan to test soon) is the ability to run the daemon on, say, a server (which may be headless – a.k.a. no monitor), and use the GUI front-end on a desktop machine.

    My set-up at home includes a linux server acting as gateway and media repository. The clients are a mix of Ubuntu (me) and XP (the lamers – cough – I mean gamers in the house). I can run the daemon on the server, have it set to auto-add .torrents from a shared drop-box folder (that the clients can drop .torrents in to add them), and manage it optionally via the web interface off the server or with the GUI client on my desktop. This is so sweet! I no longer have to struggle with managing the relative bittorrent settings on the two uTorrent clients and my local Deluge, ever-tweaking the rate limits between the three machines depending on whether one, two, or all of us are downloading and/or uploading at any given time. One client on the server to worry about: set it and forget it?

    Well I only JUST upgraded to the 0.9.08 so I have yet to test all this out, though running on my desktop it has behaved nicely so far. Only gripe is that more settings and state could have been pulled over from my 0.5.x install on the upgrade. Ah well, perhaps that will be worked on before 1.0.

    Deluge running as a daemon also has interesting implications for running a seed box. Things that make me go “hmm…” (and my wallet go “wha…?!?”)


  3. Thank you, it was very helpful. I was able to install Deluge on my new openSUSE 11.4 as well.

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