Install configure & use Opera 9.5 browser in openSUSE


  1. “Opera is one of the free opensource Internet Browsers”. You´re wrong. Opera is closed source.

  2. Opera IS NOT an open-source application. It is a proprietary browser developed privately by Opera Software.

  3. Author

    Thanks I’ve updated the article!

  4. I have Opera installed on my machine. I used it for a while, because I screwed my Firefox. Kinda like it (Opera), ’cause, somehow, it loads faster, except that it doesn’t play videos on Youtube or Veoh well. Then, I reinstalled Firefox. Things are back to normal again. So, I switched back. Still, Opera is a better browser than IE.

  5. opera es el mejor navegador en la ctualidad le lleva con mucho a firefox creanme porque yo los use ambos y opera es el vencedor!!

    opera is the best!!!!

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