No sound only videos on online Videos (Youtube & Google Videos)


  1. i cant read anything here because this extremly annoying advertise here is in the way

  2. I have this problem of no sound in Firefox/Flash on Suse 11.1 (It was working OK until I tried to install 11.2, but that’s another story.) I’ve been searching for days for a solution – unsuccessfully – but I’ve noticed something odd I hope someone can help with. When I open a terminal in super-user mode sound works in Firefox, but it’s a different version of Firefox! No bookmarks, vanilla settings etc. but same version number – Why would this happen and how do I find out where the ‘rogue’ firefox is installed?

    (logging in as root does not result in sound and starting firefox in normal terminal also produces no sound – amarok etc works OK – Please help!!)

  3. Had a similar problem. Fix was to dump pulseaudio and just use alsa.

  4. I am having the same problem and have tried all of the above solutions but with no luck. Has anyone any ideas?

  5. Wahoo! It worked. Thank you very kindly.

  6. It is about time someone produced fantastic content on suse.
    Saving your website to my favorites.

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