VideoLAN – VLC Media player and Streaming server


  1. VLC media player is very useful for the watching videos. It gives the clear picture. I love VLC media player. Thank you for giving this useful information.

  2. I can’t play flv. It used to work. How do you get around it?

  3. I use VLC for watching movies on my computer. I think it is an excellence program. I listen to some MP3’s on it but I mainly use “Amarok” for that. VLC has a great picture and once you set it up it works great.

  4. how can i download vlc into my opensuse, my computer is offline and i downloaded vlc.ymp using another computer into an harddrive and [lug in my harddrive into my open suse but i cannot get the file to download

  5. i’ve always used vlc over the kmplayer but now things are different.

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