How to change Hostname in openSUSE and SUSE Linux


  1. on opensuse 11.0 this will not help
    the hostname stays the old one, no matter if you edit it to the new one
    where the heck did you put that info?

  2. Author

    I think you use DHCP, if so the last suggestion about the hostname change from the Network Manager should help! This is the option that resets the hostname no matter what you enter in the host file

  3. ok, thanks, that did the trick
    can you also tell me, how i see which config file that is (in case i dont want to fire up yast 😉

  4. You should edit /etc/HOSTNAME istead of /etc/hosts

  5. Lucky is right

  6. 2. Click Hostname/DNS tab and untick “Write hostname to /etc/hosts” or alternatively, enter the appropriate hostname in the box provided as shown in the screenshot below:

    1. this section is greyed out for me. How do I disable this (untick)?
    2. tried step 1 hostnames IPa ddess.. there are so many (,, etc) which one is my guest OS host?


  7. Nice tip. Thanks ..

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