How to install Wine in OpenSuse 10.3


  1. i am a beginner in suselinux.
    please let me know how to proceded step by step.
    i have downloaded a tar file of wine from net.
    now how to proceed?
    sould i open terminan and enter commands? if so what is the command?
    can i directly install by double clicking?
    my install software doesnot recognise this progrmme,what to doo?

  2. If you got to OpenSuSe Wine page you can do the one button download and install through Yast. Then it will also add the repository to your software search engine. It is not in there by default. I am running 86_64 and still finding Prob here and there. Though in 32 I had no prob.

  3. ..ts simple if you have a linux suse package ol what you have to do is, run yast and on the search bar plot write ‘wine’ while the dvd bootable of suse is in, then after u saw it, select it to install, after thet go to te command option and write/type ‘winecfg’ then a dialog for wine configuration and settings will appera.. keep enjoyn the code..!

    Jxtrials(XCS technologies)
  4. how do install wine and sound codecs without internet access on open suse because the .deb package doesnt work

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