rtl8187b wireless native driver support in openSUSE 11.1 (Kernel 2.6.27)


  1. Yes, it works, but after half an hour the connection is broken. After an reboot it is ok. Using a Toshiba L350 notebook and Opensuse 11.1.

  2. On another Toshiba Satelite – A300 notebook, the card is detected, but it still says “the device is not running”. I can see networks in my vicinity, but Im unable to connect.

  3. I am using a wg111v3(rtl8187b chip). Hellkeepa, your link solved my problem, the same as the first two replies. Thanks.

  4. i use x86_32 and driver not install…


  5. i am using toshiba l310 and installed linux suse 11.1.how can install drivers and app. software.please reply.because i have install linux first time.

  6. I have installed Suse 11.1 two times and each time it will not detect my ethernet card. I have tried several methods but I just cannot connect with the internet. If antone has any suggestions, I’ll be glad to hear them

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