Unable to set Atheros Wireless card with MadWifi in openSUSE 11.0


  1. Dont forget to chamge wlan0 to ath0 as otherwise it doesnt work, found that out after modprobing ath_pci when nothing was happening and trying to get ndiswrapper up. and you need to pop double dashes for “rpmbuild –rebuild” etc.

  2. btw thank you sooo much!!

  3. yes! this was the right solution for me. thanx a lot…

  4. Hello guys.

    Yuuuuhuuuu!! say always Homer simpson, I’m very happy jeje. This tutorial, is better, very good, simply, but efective, I have a laptop easynote packard bell, AMD + nvidia and atheros ar5bxb561, and now my wifi is started.

    Sorry for my English, I am Spanish.

    Bye, bye a many thank’s.

  5. Sorry, say any more, with gnome no need, reinstall networkmanager, detect the wireles point, to the first. jeje I use ONO 12 MB, very fast.

    Bye, bye.

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