Sep 112008

NOTE: A newer version of Songbird is available and is a stable version. Click here to know more and install in openSUSE using 1-click install.

Songbird is a free opensource customizable media player and web browse powered by Mozilla. Songbird runs on Mozilla’s XULRunner platform, thus capable of running on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux. On the Windows and Macintosh platforms, Songbird utilizes the VideoLAN Client for media playback. For Linux & Solaris, Songbird utilizes the GStreamer media framework instead of VideoLAN. The Qtrax client is based on Songbird.

Some of the features of SongBird include
Cross platform support for Windows Linux and Solaris

Play multiple audio formats, such as MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and WMA

Play Windows Media DRM audio on Windows platforms

Simple and more intuitive design. Much like Apple iTunes on the interface

Smart Playlists to dynamically updates based on set criterias

Discover concerts in your local based on artists in your library

Shoutcast Radio to stream music from Shoutcast radio directory integration

Customizable Add-ons to enhance SongBird

Install SongBird

There is no 1-click installer available for SongBird but it isn’t a difficulty installing SongBird. Download the latest stable release of SongBird by clicking on one of the following based on your platform

SongBird Beta (0.7.0) Linux i686

SongBird Beta (0.7.0) Linux x86_64

You can download from the a terminal window as follows:

opensuse:~ # wget

Unzip & Untar

opensuse:~ # tar -zxvf Songbird_0.7.0_linux-x86_64.tar.gz

This creates a directory “Songbird” where you downloaded and extracted the files. Change directory to the Songbird directory and start Songbird as follows:

opensuse:~ # cd Songbird

opensuse:/Songbird # ./songbird &

When started for the first time, SongBird prompts to accept the license agreement. Tick the box and click continue. This will start downloading the default addons.

SongBird License SongBird Addons

Click continue on the welcome screen and select either importing directories on your computer or migrating from iTunes library
Welcome SongBird Import songs and library
Select your choice of recommended addons and click continue

Add recommended addons

Select options on SongBird setup and click  Finish
SongBord setup
This performs the import option (import songs from my directory here) and starts SongBird for you.
Songbird import SongBird home
The browser tab allows you to browse and install Addons. Similar to firefox, you may be prompted to restart SongBird. If prompted, please do so.
Addons Addons installed
SongBird options can be set from Tools-Options menu or from Edit -Preferences menu.
SongBird options
Using SongBird needs no introduction and if you are familiar with iTunes, its even more simpler!

To visit the project homepage, click here