SongBird – free iTunes like Media player and web browser


  1. I keep getting cannot execute binary file when I do the./songbird &.

  2. How do I create an icon to start the program once installed?

  3. Does the linux client work better than the windows? On windows it would take forever to start, it was slow, and it took up an ungodly amount of memory. I was however impressed with the features and presentation, it was just to damn slow.

  4. It’s great, it’s simple, er… simply unusable.
    On Debian it starts with an error message: …has detected an error in the internal playback core and will now quit… click on the “more info button”. Okay, but there is no further info.

  5. I found that using the command “songbird” would not work in the terminal. When I double-clicked the executable songbird in the file explorer {Dolphin}it executed. I then used the menu editor to create a menu entry that used the command “songbird” and it worked.

  6. Yeah, file won’t execute for me either in Debian:

    aquamarine:/home/userzero/Songbird# ./songbird &
    [1] 20485
    aquamarine:/home/userzero/Songbird# -su: ./songbird: cannot execute binary file

    What gives?


  7. PLEASE change the name to “Songbird”. There’s no capital ‘B’.

    Thanks, Rob

  8. Hi,

    I’m using Amarok to play my .mp3s on my pc and GNOMAD2 to drive my Creative ZEN .mp3 player. GNOMAD2 is one great application!

    Is there any .mp3 player support using Songbird? I’ve tried it with Amarok, but was not successful.

    To do Streaming Audio I have streamtuner. Anything going there?

    Sorry for so many questions, but this might be the answer to all my media wishes.

  9. I’m using opensuse 11.0 with kde 4.1

  10. I tried using this thing a while back. It crashed or locked up on me three times in the first ten minutes of trying to get it to do something. Not ready for prime time. For now I stick to Kaffeine and simply play songs from the directory my music is in – very simply, no complicated playlists. If I find a media Kaffeine won’t play, I use VLC or Mplayer and they usually handle it. I don’t know why people need unbelievably complex music players.

  11. I finally was able to install using the i686 download directly from Songbirdnest. Everything works for me including the add-ons to convert certain music to different standards. Since I have used this on windows I know the shortfalls and how to overcome them. The main advantage of Songbird is the ability to change the standard instead of having to play just iTunes or mp3 and the search mechs to find songs. Being able to play all medias in one program is a advantage over other music players. Read the help and learn how to use the program and the add-ons.

  12. Hi All,

    Consider this a BUMP.

    Can I get my Creative Zen .mp3 player recognized Songbird? As I said above I can’t using Amarok, and keep using GNOMAD2, plus my /Music folder. All that works great.

    But, want to have a better experience.

  13. I was getting the same error running OpenSuSE 11.x (cannot execute binary file). I attempted sudo and su but to no avail.

    I found the easiest way to install on SuSE is to use YaST.

    Go to the following URL and type songbird in the search box

    Good luck!

  14. I tried “Songbird” in UBUNTU and SUSE and never could get any sound. I deleted UBUNTU and SUSE and then installed SUSE on it’s own hard drive and finally got sound out of “Songbird.” I think it’s all right but I like “Amarok” a lot better. I have no idea why the sound didn’t work before. I guess the new install fixed whatever I had messed up. I also didn’t have sound on “YOUTUBE” but it works now also.

    I found that I like SUSE more than UBUNTU.

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