Enable/Configure & use Desktop Cube for Compiz-Fusion in openSUSE


  1. Hi,
    In my suse 11 (KDE 4), i’m not able to find the “Cube Reflection and Deformation” and “3D Windows” plugins under CCSM effects.How do i install it ?

  2. I have the cube running and everything seems to be working as expected…

    i can not get each desktop to have a different background
    i have specified 4 different images under ccsm > wallpaper > backgrounds

    but it is still using the image that was initially selected when (in gnome) right clicking on the desktop and selecting an image)

    any help would be appreciated

  3. One issue I got is that the cube does not seem to be integrated with the desktops. Whenever I click on a window and tell it to be moved to a certain desktop, it can only be accessed by clicking on that desktop. It is like each desktop represents a cube of its own…

    Cool, but I would like to have all my desktops on a single cube and still be able to move a window fast from one desktop to another by a simple right-click…

  4. HI,
    I am using dell m1330 laptop.And opensuse 11 as my operating system.compiz and all are working with no error.But i didnt get any 3D effects.And not rotating the desktops!!

  5. Hi,
    I added the special effects on OpenSuse11.0(Gnome default version) and I cannot get these extra effects: sphere or cylinder. I get the cube and I guess all the others but no special effects.
    thx, dan

  6. I think there is a need to install python-compizconfig and resolve dependecies again in order to be able to access CompizConfig Settings Manager

  7. Can’t I enjoy any desktop effect on my machine with “Mesa DRI Intel(R) 965GME/GLE 20080716 x86/MMX/SSE2”?

  8. Thanks for the great explanations your tutorial really helped me to understand the power of the cube

  9. i have intel 965GM card how can i configure my opensuse with compiz fusion.

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