How to enable and use Desktop Effects (Compiz) in openSUSE11.0


  1. Hi,

    It’s indeed working well, but when I log out, the log in, it’s disabled again ? IS it normal, or should I have to do something for an automatic compiz launching ? (using KDE 4.04 / openSUSE 11)

  2. Hi MaximeG

    You gotta enable compiz as your default window manager to make it permanent.

    Open configure desktop and click the advanced tab

    From here select session manager and scroll down to change your Window Manager setting to Compiz

    Press Apply and then Reboot..

    Then Teda Compiz will automagically start each time you boot your pc 🙂

  3. Hi Gomer SuSE:

    Cheers for that.

    Had the same problem on OpenSuSE 11 and couldn’t sus it out myself. Changed to Compiz as per your directions (also had another Compiz choice – something to do with a startup script).

    Found that there were two “Configure Desktop”s. One is available from the desktop popup menu (RMB on desktop) and it is the wrong one, and another is available from the KDE/Start menu (Favourites tab and Applications tab).


  4. I had the same problem but now every thing seems to be OK thank yu all except some textures that are displayed in white in task switcher and window preview is st related to my driver config ATI mobility radeon x1350?

  5. When starting up with Desktop Effects enabled the screen goes out of sync after log in (the screen is fine all the way through boot up). I then go into the console and run sax2, select OK to accept the recommended screen config, then exit back to the GUI and all is fine.

    Starting up with Desktop Effects off, causes no problems. I start up, log in and the screen appears normally, but I then have to open Desktop Effects and click enable.

    I have been focusing on the graphics card/driver (NVidia), but am now confident that the appropriate driver is installed and configured correctly.

    The issue now seems to revolve around the Desktop Effects. Anyone else experiencing similar issues? I have been managing the desktop through “Computer” -> “Control Center” -> “Look and Feel” -> “Desktop Effects” but I just opened up Compiz and there seems to be quite a few more configuration settings. perhaps there is a conflict?

    Thanks – Pat

  6. The 1-click install links at the top of this page are broken. What are the recommended packages for 11.0 and where are they?

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