GNOME Do – Launcher tool to search and launch applications files and more


  1. Too bad it relies on Mono, which I had removed right after installing Ubuntu. Launchy for me then.

    Why did I remove Mono? Those who don’t value their freedom tend to lose it.

  2. Launchy is a more mature tool.
    Also, in my opinion, most plugins are out of place: why would I need a gnome-do plug-in for searching flickr? A Firefox extension may be, but gnome-do?

  3. Nice article. It’s probably worth noting that KDE users might want to look at Katapult.

  4. Wow, Matt, that’s so powerful. You’re right, I don’t value my freedom at all.

    None, it’s not a Flickr search plugin — it lets you quickly upload any pictures on your desktop to Flickr… We generally don’t tell people that they should not develop their plugin ideas for Do, no matter how wacky.


  5. Launchy are you serious? Its windows only, and if you run that in Wine you have serious issues. Futhermore gnome-do is a sweet program for gnome.

  6. would the 11.0 link work for 11.1?

  7. Impressive site. My co-workers and I were just discussing this the other evening. Also your webpage looks nice on my old blackberry. And thats rare. Nice work.

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