gscan2pdf – Scan multiple Documents, import images to PDF & DjVu


  1. Tried both the 1 click install and the noarch suse rpm on the gscan2pdf homepage on an opensuse 11 64 bit system. It keeps claiming it can’t find (apparently missing Gtk2::Imageview) and I was unable to locate it.

  2. How can we get updated versions of gscan2pdf? I tried the rpm from sourceforge to no avail. I ended up using the 1-click install for opensuse 11.0 and it worked. However, it’s 0.9.27 (getting a bit old)

  3. Oops. Sorry. I forgot to add I am using 11.1

  4. I’ve spent hours trying to install gscan2pdf for opensuse 11.3. If I had known it was going to uninstall it I would never have upgraded from 11.2. I compiled half a dozen perl rpm’s from source but finally got stuck at it asking for perl-forks which doesn’t exist for 11.3. I can only hope 11.4 includes it and if 11.5 doesn’t then I will skip that “upgrade”.

  5. It does not look right to manually resolve dependencies. Debian rules.

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