Claws Mail – opensource light-weight Email client in openSUSE


  1. I’ve been using claws-mail for awhile on Ubuntu, and it is by far my favorite e-mail client. Loads very quickly, does what it needs, very stable. Blows bloated and clunky Thunderbird and Evolution mail out of the water.

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  8. Thanks for the great review — too bad Claws does not use the standard .mbox format for local storage. Is there any advantage of their MH format over mbox?

  9. Is there any advantage of their MH format over mbox?

    MH…. Long ago when workstations had 8 or 16 megs of memory, command line tools ruled, and MH (now nmh) lets you “grep,” read, reply to and compose mail from the command line.

    Overwhelmed sysadmins will tell you that MH can delete more messages in less time than any other mail client.

    MH used the “one message per file” format, for pretty obvious reasons. (it is just a bunch of scripts.)

    I recall that mhonarc and other tools would convert the messages to HTML format, so that back in the days before webmail, you could read your messages with a browser, and with a little bit of scripting, reply as well.

    An early GUI version of MH was exmh, written in tcl/tk.

    Now you can get 4GB of memory for under $20.

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