Google Chrome – Googles opensource browser in openSUSE


  1. i try in my opensuse11 pc and i get this error, can you help me ?

    nugen@bunglon:~> wine chrome_installer.exe
    err:setupapi:detect_compression_type cannot open file L”Z:\\home\\nugen\\-r”
    err:setupapi:get_file_size cannot open file L”Z:\\home\\nugen\\-r”
    expand.exe: can’t open input file Z:\home\nugen\-r

  2. What I do not understand is why we settle for second best instead of asking for a native Chrome for Linux? After all, if I wanted to run Windows apps, I would run on Windows after all.

    Once Chrome is available for Linux, only then, I will put it on my box (no offense to folks working on Wine, a very fine product I might add).

  3. I have XP in my Virtualbox, and I installed Google Chrome. Never really enjoyed it, I can’t do much to customize it. We’ll see when it’s ready for Linux. Maybe “better” than FF?

  4. Hey!

    I dont wanna even try it. why!!?? because its from gooooogle!??
    Come on!
    Not everything that comes from this company is so great.
    Picasa?? bahhhh –> not even near the toes of Digikam.

    FOSS rulz! and that chrome thing can’t stand a minimal chance against firefox… Why even bother?


  5. Google don’t seem to want anyone to install it other than through their online installer. The links given above are now broken and my attempts to track down the standalone installer have failed.

    I wanted to download it under Linux and install it in Wine but also on a box with no internet access (to use other apps trhat connect via a web browser) but this seems impossible.

    Am I being paranoid???



  6. Hi,I am using Open Suse 10.3 with 64 bit. Can anybody provide me the wine download link for 10.3?, the above link is not working.Thanks,Shekar

  7. Hello, I am using open suse 11.0, but can’t able to install properly…. is there any other browser for suse 11.0 ?

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